Discover Mouawad Bespoke, A realm without limits

June 24, 2021

A new video released by Mouawad invites you into the world of Mouawad Bespoke, a realm without limits. With the invitation of “Be Seen, Be Dazzled, Be Unique”, the video highlights Mouawad’s new Bespoke section on, where clients can embark on their own unique and extraordinary journey.

Featuring third generation Co-Guardians Fred and Pascal Mouawad, the video invites the world to discover the exceptional artistry and passion behind Mouawad’s Bespoke creations, which draw on the House’s renowned heritage of crafting extraordinary jewellery, fashioned from the finest precious metals and exceptional gemstones.

As the Co-Guardians commented, “Mouawad Bespoke is an invitation to clientele to let their imagination run free with endless creativity and possibilities to request their dream item.”

After filling out an online form, the Mouawad Bespoke journey involves collaboration with Mouawad designers and artisans to deliver a unique masterpiece that surpasses expectations. As with all Mouawad creations, the bespoke pieces are fashioned entirely in-house, from sourcing the finest gems to crafting and delivering completed works of art, with a Certificate of Authenticity providing detailed information on the craftsmanship involved.

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