Exceptional rings for diamond lovers

July 7, 2020

Diamonds are so often the choice for an exceptionally important occasion, whether to symbolize an engagement or the exchange of wedding vows, or to make a powerful style statement. Beyond the highly valued characteristics of these gems, such as their strength and beauty, there is the additional allure of every natural diamond being unique. For its Exceptional rings, Mouawad has selected an exceptional diamond to take center stage in each, creating a unique work of art that embodies beauty, passion and fine craftsmanship.

The Aurora ring’s central fancy yellow 50.01 carat diamond is a magnificent gem acquired in the rough from South Africa and which is further complemented by 142 round white diamonds set around it and in the ring itself. Aurora’s golden sparkle enchants with all the allure of its namesake, alluding to the first rays of dawn. In the Eternal Muse ring, a central 23 carat oval brilliant white diamond from Botswana, rated D color, FL clarity, emanates a beauty unlike any other, while in the Enigma ring, a central fancy yellow brilliant diamond weighing 6.31 carat is the breathtaking focal point whose enchantment is enhanced by 36 round white diamonds set around the ring. The Celestial Dream ring features a 7.08 carat emerald-cut white diamond at its heart, complemented by 48 round white diamonds. All exceptional, all unique, and all an invitation to dream in diamonds.