Mouawad Gents' Accessories

December 25, 2017

A refined look is the signature of discerning, stylish gents. This is why Mouawad has always been keen on creating fine luxury accents for him – from traditional misbahas (or prayer beads), to masterfully crafted cufflinks and statement rings, all set with precious diamonds and colored stones – to complement the unique style of gentlemen of distinction.

As a subtle tribute to traditions, Mouawad artisans craft fine prayer beads from 18-karat gold and adorn them with the finest gemstones. Elegance flows gracefully from one bead to the other, emanating sheer poise and nobility. To paint the perfect portrait, matching cufflinks and statement rings come in, creating stunning ensembles of superb finishes.

For diamond lovers, Mouawad offers stunning gents’ accessories suites set with hundreds of carats of twinkling diamonds brought together in artistic harmony. Colored stones aficionados also have their fair share in Mouawad creations, with breathtaking masterpieces set with precious rubies, or with blue sapphires and kyanites. Each intricate peace is sculpted and honed by hand, with its fine details tuned to capture passion and delicacy in a burst of brilliance.

After all, beauty lies in the details, and a single, seemingly simple last touch can add a dazzling effect to a gentleman’s attire. For this, Mouawad offers exquisite gents’ accessories, handcrafted with infinite attention to detail and high-quality materials. In the most elegant host of choices, Mouawad Accessories for Him are a statement of relentless refinement and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.