Every Mother Is Extraordinary

March 21, 2022

Celebrate with a gift unlike any other

She gives us life, nourishes us, nurtures us, and loves us beyond measure; and on Mother’s Day we are given the opportunity to show her how much she really means to us.

This Mother’s Day, Mouawad invites us to celebrate the eternal motherly bond and to acknowledge the universal truth that #EveryMomIsExtraordinary in her own way. For an extraordinary woman, of course, no other gift can quite compare with a unique item of jewelry crafted with precious gems, whose very presence will take her breath away.

Symbolically, diamonds make an excellent choice for their associations of purity, fidelity, and exceptional luxury. A handcrafted Mouawad suite of necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, set with a total of 95.37 carat of diamonds elevates such an excellent choice to the sublime.

Blue sapphires are a tasteful choice, with their classic sophistication and regal allure – perfect for the queen of hearts. A unique ring, featuring a central 7.09 carat blue sapphire set amid 0.88 carat of diamonds, makes a gift that is truly unforgettable - just like a mother’s love.

Pink, as a color associated with tenderness and femininity, is equally appealing among Mother’s Day jewelry gifts; a unique Mouawad 10.26 carat natural pink sapphire ring, also featuring 1.66 carat of diamonds makes an outstanding choice for an extraordinary mom. For a bolder statement, red rubellite and white diamonds evoke passion and purity in equal measure in a breathtaking suite of necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring.

Noble qualities of truth and love are among those evoked by emeralds, ensuring that such a gift conveys truly authentic emotions; for an extraordinary mom a pair of Mouawad handcrafted earrings featuring two stunning emeralds, weighing 8.16 carat, set amid 98 diamonds, weighing 2.24 carat, is a gift that is destined to celebrate her each and every day.

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