Mouawad Pays Tribute to Natural Wonders

June 7, 2021

New campaign exalts the beauty of the Earth and extraordinary Mouawad works of art.

The greatest wonders of the world are undoubtedly those crafted by nature, from the azure sky above us to the natural landscapes that surround us. Indeed, the beauty of nature provides eternal inspiration for Mouawad, whether through concepts such as symmetry and harmony, motifs of petals, leaves and flowers, or through crafting the most extraordinary gemstones, which themselves are born of the Earth.

The new Natural Wonders campaign pays tribute to both the beauty of nature and Mouawad works of art, taking its setting in one of the Earth’s most beautiful natural landscapes of the desert. Here, to a backdrop featuring the stunning contrast between golden sands and blue sky, and amid the scintillating rays of the sun, some of the world’s most naturally beautiful women – Miss Universe Hungary, Germany and Greece - were adorned with Mouawad high jewelry and masterpieces.

The effect is awe-inspiring, with each high jewelry or masterpiece suite emanating a unique out-of-this-world aura, courtesy of breathtaking gemstones and exceptional craftsmanship. The sets featured include the Pure Allure Diamond Suite, a masterpiece featuring an array of round, oval, marquise, and pear-shaped white diamonds totaling 112.42 carat, whose design expresses the pursuit of a precious dream in an orchestration of scintillating light and elegance that eludes time. The Flaming Iris Diamond, Sapphire, and Rubellite Suite, meanwhile, combines some of the world’s most sought-after precious stones ― 14.27 carat of diamonds, 31.18 carat of rubellites, and 272.66 carat of sapphires in a unique design imbued with a rainbow-like joie de vivre.

As treasures of the Earth, every Mouawad gemstone has a powerful connection with nature and a story of its own. The journey of creating these unique Mouawad works of art starts by sourcing extraordinary diamonds and gemstones. Through innovation, craftsmanship, and in-house capabilities, Mouawad explores new frontiers of artistry, bringing to life incredible masterpieces that are Natural Wonders in their own way.

Mouawad Co-Guardians Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad said, “Nature evokes a sense of wonder through creation, and likewise our heritage of crafting the extraordinary is closely entwined with the power of nature to create exceptional gemstones.”