Ramadan and a time to unite with positivity

April 13, 2021

A year has already passed since the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live our lives, impacting our freedom of movement, social interaction, daily habits and much more. This impact naturally extends to the Holy Month of Ramadan. However, despite the necessary measures in place to protect us, it is important to remember that the essence of the Holy Month remains unchanged. To share this message, and to celebrate the Holy Month, Mouawad released a new video, featuring a falcon whose journey takes us from the desert sands through the evening cityscape to the night sky above.

The falcon is emblematic both of the heritage of the region and the Mouawad family seal. Engraving a seal on a stone is a tradition that began thousands of years ago, during the time of the Sumerians. Every creation of Mouawad jewellery perpetuates this tradition by bearing a signature – the maker’s mark. Often this is the Mouawad family seal, with its highly symbolic emblems of a falcon, diamond and crown, which constitutes a profound commitment – that of a whole dynasty – to crafting the extraordinary.

During these challenging times of a pandemic, Mouawad has focused on the positivity of crafting the extraordinary, emphasizing the power of unity and being a force for good. In this new video for Ramadan, the falcon’s journey acts as an inspiring message that we can draw strength from the traditions that unite us.

So many positive values are integral to this month of fasting, including that of providing support to others. Already, during this pandemic we have witnessed our human instinct to help others intensify. During Ramadan we can expect to see this instinct further strengthened as we come together, spiritually rather than physically, united as a force for good. Indeed, in these unprecedented times, with so many people’s livelihoods impacted by the outbreak, the need to support one another has never been greater.

Once again, during this Holy Month, the darkness of evening will be lit with lanterns and the skies above us will take on greater relevance as we await the sighting of the new moon. Our positive deeds this month also have the ability to bring light to the lives of others. Just as the Mouawad Ramadan video portrays, the falcon’s journey acts as an inspiring message: that what unites us – our traditions and our ability to create a better future – is what gives us strength and hope above all. May we all experience a Ramadan in which our sense of togetherness shines brighter than ever.

To view the video, click here.