This Ramadan give the gift of light

April 2, 2022

As the Holy Month of Ramadan commences in April 2022, the welcome sight will return once more of lanterns and lights illuminating homes and streets across the world. This heartwarming tradition not only lights up the places we live but also lightens hearts, acting as a poignant reminder of the positive impact we can have on one another’s lives through acts of kindness, and sharing a message to the world of hope above all.

Indeed, so many positive emotions are associated with light, from beauty and joy to innocence and purity, and naturally a celebration of life itself. Light is also at the heart of Mouawad jewelry: in the literal sense when it brings out the sparkle and luster of precious gems and metals, but also in the emotional sense with jewelry reminding us of precious relationships, special milestones in life and joyful moments.

The Mouawad Leila collection is a beautiful example of this. Sparkling with emotive serenity and detailed symmetry, this very feminine selection of handcrafted pieces came to life from a design suggested by Leila Mouawad, the mother of Mouawad fourth generation Co-guardians. Throughout the family generations, with a heritage spanning more than 132 years, Mouawad has prided itself on excellence of craftsmanship. To ensure the ultimate sparkle, only the finest diamonds and gemstones are selected, having undergone a meticulous process to ensure compatibility, color and clarity are uniform throughout each piece. The Leila collection, comprising matching pendants, earrings and rings, is set entirely by hand with diamonds, blue, yellow and orange sapphires, red rubies and green tsavorites using the micro-pave method, which requires a microscope to ensure perfection in the precise placement of small stones over the entire work. The finishing techniques used by Mouawad expert craftsmen produce the finest finish for rose, white and yellow gold, leaving even the matte finished pieces with a brilliant lustre that reflects like a mirror. Each piece is spectacular to behold in the light and sparkles with purely positive emotions.

This Ramadan, may we all be the light in one another’s lives.