Royale rings create an impression of majesty and awe

July 7, 2020

Some of the most incredible jewelry in existence has a royal connection, crafted with exceptional gemstones in beautiful settings for illustrious owners. Such is the inspiration for Mouawad’s Royale rings, where incredible gemstones meet extraordinary craftsmanship. Indeed, each Royale ring is a unique work of art, handcrafted by Mouawad artisans from 18k gold and featuring a stunning centerpiece whose beauty is accentuated by the diamonds surrounding it.

These rings create an impression of majesty and awe befitting of their regal presence. Emerald, a traditional favorite of queens and iconic women, sits at the heart of the Supreme Fantasy ring. This 16.24 carat octagonal Colombian emerald is mesmerizing, with its embrace of 6.52 carat of round, marquise and square white diamonds creating an ethereal surrounding. The most revered form of topaz also takes its place in the Royale rings collection, with a 14.46 carat imperial topaz making a bold statement amid diamonds at the center of the Imperial Topaz ring. Sapphire is the muse in the Regal Splendor ring, but no ordinary sapphire, of course. The central 5.43 carat oval violet Sri Lankan sapphire is of the color-changing variety and is set off magnificently by the surrounding 224 round white diamonds. Lastly, but by no means least, the Royal Fancy ring conjures a compelling presence with its 7.11 carat oval purplish red ruby encircled by 28 round pink sapphires, further complemented by 104 round white diamonds. Just like its fellow rings in the collection, this extraordinary work of craftsmanship is befitting of a queen.