Add Some Regal Sparkle to the Festive Season

December 24, 2019

A time for celebration, moments of effervescent joy, a love of splendorous beauty… all these and more are encapsulated in the Mouawad Royale rings. Whether as a gift to a significant other or to oneself in an act of deserved indulgence, the Royale rings are impress statement pieces. Handcrafted with utmost meticulousness, shimmering with diamonds and precious gems, each ring evokes a sense of wonder. The centerpieces are marvels themselves, whether the 11.43 carat oval purplish-red ruby, 13.24 carat octagonal emerald, 9.12 carat oval purplish-pink Sri Lankan sapphire or 31.02 oval cabochon vivid blue Burmese sapphire. These stunning gems are united with nature’s most beautiful diamonds through the skilled artistry of Mouawad artisans, making Royale rings fit for a queen and the perfect choice for truly festive moments.