Discover the Splendor of Emeralds

December 13, 2019

Since the days of antiquity, emeralds have fascinated mankind. While other green gems exist, such as tourmaline and peridot, it is the depth of emerald’s lush green tones that elevate it to the most revered of all. Taking its name from “smaragdus”, the ancient Greek word for green, the emerald has deep associations with nature, spring and lush forestation. As well as captivating imaginations, it is also a calming stone, and it was the one that gem-setters and craftsmen would gaze at centuries ago, believing it could soothe their tired eyes. Particularly favoured by royalty, this was also the gem of kings, revered for its symbolism of status and power.

This regal splendour is perfectly illustrated in the Mouawad Esmerelda Diamond and Emerald Suite, which features an exceptionally rare cabochon green Colombian emerald of 70.25 carat in the necklace, surrounded by icy white diamonds totaling 37.52 carat. The matching earrings mirror this stunning effect with two similarly cut emeralds weighing 42.07 and 41.16 carat, embraced by 13.03 carat of diamonds. Like the Esmeralda Suite, the Emerald Touch Suite combines emeralds and diamonds set in 18k white gold to stunning effect. Comprising a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, the Emerald Touch Suite features more than 17 carat of emeralds and more than 70 carat of diamonds in a design that blends classic elegance with exquisite allure. In the Enchanted Forest Suite, 18k yellow gold is the choice of precious metal, adding a sun-like warmth to the radiance of emeralds and diamonds. This suite of necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring features stunning emeralds, weighing more than 87 carat, and diamonds, weighing more than 31 carat, set in natural motifs that evoke the suite’s title. These three extraordinary suites by Mouawad are among a selection that blend exceptional craftsmanship with incredible emeralds.