Your dream wedding jewelry, crafted by Mouawad

August 19, 2022

On the most incredible day of her life, every bride wishes for her dreams to become reality. At Mouawad, no matter how extraordinary the dream, it can be crafted.

Love is a universal emotion, yet every love story is unique - a quality that is reflected in each bride,s choice of jewelry. Diamonds are often seen as the ultimate choice, embodying the qualities of strength, nobility and purity with an eternal brilliance - but also each carrying a distinctive story of creation across billions of years. At Mouawad, engagement rings are expertly handcrafted, imbuing each one with a heritage of jewelry excellence and diamond mastery, ensuring a sense of wonder and awe is elicited upon the reveal. For each bride, a wealth of choices awaits, whose beauty is complemented by the choice of wedding band, in gold or in platinum, plain or diamond-studded, with each one carrying an exceptional character.

Mouawad bridal jewelry reflects the personality of the bride-to-be and the ambiance of her celebration, from diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, to ushering forth a choice from among masterpieces and high jewelry sets, set with diamonds and precious gems, that carry with them the Mouawad passion for crafting the extraordinary. And, for the ultimate dream, Mouawad presents 'Bespoke', giving the bride the opportunity to imagine and customize her unique pieces and then have them brought to life in the hands of master Mouawad craftsmen. Thus, for every bride and for every dream, there is Mouawad.

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