Mouawad reveals Miss Universe Thailand 2021 ''Flame of Passion'' crown

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

October 23, 2021

Creation set with citrines, topazes and diamonds carries a message of love to the world

Mouawad has revealed the Flame of Passion Crown, crafted exclusively for the Miss Universe Thailand 2021 pageant and featuring an array of citrines, topazes and diamonds.

Carrying with it a message of that passion is the power with which we can make a positive impact on the world, the Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand Flame of Passion Crown is a unique, bespoke work of extraordinary craftsmanship, whose every element, from its rose gold-plated design to its setting of meticulously selected precious gemstones, was handcrafted by Mouawad skilled craftsmen in a true labor of love.

Fourth generation Mouawad Co-Guardian Mr. Fred Mouawad commented, “Thailand is a remarkable country, where people appreciate beauty, elegance, and craft. It is also a country that is resilient, where people carry their flame of passion to face challenges and put their creativity at work to better the country. The Mouawad Flame of Passion Crown is a dazzling reminder that, through the passion of those who seek to make the world a better place, the future is bright.”

For the Flame of Passion crown, Mouawad selected a fiery quartz color to convey emotions and flames, contrasting it with the icy fire of white topaz and diamond to illustrate the virtues of logic and analysis, as a poetic reminder that passion is best expressed when the most heartfelt emotions are fused with rational thinking. The universal symbol of love, the heart, takes its place at the center of the crown, with eight heart-shaped citrines (weighing 65.74 carat) conveying the natural heartfelt feelings we have as humans. The top of the crown reflects the head, whose symbolism is amplified by the 168.49 carat of white topaz gems set in the crown, interspersed with eight pear-shaped white diamonds, weighing 3.83 carat.

Mr. Fred Mouawad added: “Passion requires that we align our heart with our mind in a way that does good for others and the world. Whoever wins the Flame of Passion crown will have the power and the passion to make a dazzling and positive impact.”

This is the second crown that Mouawad has crafted for Miss Universe Thailand, following the Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Power of Authenticity Crown, as well as the fifth dazzling crown to arise from the partnership between Mouawad and The Miss Universe Organization, which produced the Mouawad Power of Unity, Power of Hope and Power of Positivity Crowns.

Click here to watch the video of "Flame of Passion" crown.