Majid Almuhandis, Face of Mouawad's 'Grande Ellipse' Watch Collection


March 31, 2014

Mouawad, the luxury jeweler and watchmaker, officially announced today a thrilling new collaboration. The award-winning Arab singer and master-composer, Majid Almuhandis, will be the face of Grand Ellipse, the collection that marked the launch of Mouawad watches.

For over 45 years, Mouawad has been creating fine timepieces for both men and women under the label of Robergé at the Mouawad-owned Swiss factories. Carrying out the company’s watch-making tradition, Mouawad’s expert designers and watchmakers excelled at crafting the very first line of watches marked with the distinct Mouawad signature, Grande Ellipse.

Elegant, robust and steeped in Swiss watchmaking traditions, the Grande Ellipse chronographs are destined for men of distinction. The collection includes eighteen sophisticated models, ranging from the  luxurious Royale line to Sport models bringing forth contemporary styles, sophisticated design and practical functionality.

As a distinguished musical composer with meticulous standards and attention to detail, Majid appreciates the craftsmanship and know-how required to design and create the uniquely distinct timepieces of the Mouawad Grand Ellipse collection. 

Mr. Alain Mouawad, Guardian of the Mouawad Watch Division said, “Majid Almuhandis is more than an Arab icon. He is a connoisseur who shares a common purpose with us, the pursuit of perfection. Majid’s charm, charisma and elegance are a seamless match for Mouawad’s Grand Ellipse watch collection. He is really the perfect fit for our brand.”

Majid Almuhandis, well known for being a discerning aficionado of all things beautifully thought-out, said, “I feel honored to be the face of the Mouawad Grand Ellipse watch collection. This prestigious brand takes great pride and care whilst creating every masterful timepiece; as a composer, I know how difficult it is to create something from start to finish, yet ensure your unique identity is unmistakably maintained. It will be a privilege for me to wear these elegant timepieces whose DNA is an evolution of an authentic legacy.”

The partnership is the latest in a series of collaboration between, Mouawad and renowned icons. Majid will be appearing in a new print and TV advertising campaign for Mouawad’s Grande Ellipse. 

The grand collaboration was announced at a star-studded event hosted by Mr. Alain Mouawad featuring regional and local high-profile figures, horological connoisseurs and media representatives, at the prestigious Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.